MMT-014 Warming bridge standard collapsible, type 187 (length 187 cm)

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This INOX warming bridge is specially designed for caterers and caterers and adapted for work in locations with a minimum of power. The bridge is easy to set up with folded aluminum legs and with its length of 187 cm it bridges the total length of the unfolded multiT.off.

The practical advantage is that you can keep your dishes and sauces warm under the bridge and that your work surface is free so that you can slide the dinner plates through.

Benefit: electronically adjustable from 0-1400 Watt.

Fit in front of:

  • ( MMT-001 ) multiTable Standard
  • ( MMT-002 ) multiTable Caterer
  • ( MMT-003 ) multiTable Mobile
  • ( MMT-004 ) multiTable Barbecue
  • ( MMT-005 ) multiTable Mammoet
  • ( MMT-039) multiTable Classic


  • L-187cm / W-18cm / H-29cm

Energy efficient: 230V / 1400 Watt

Reference number: ММТ-014



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